A Wise Teaching A Day Calendar

A Wise Teaching A Day Calendar


We have been publishing the day flip calendars as a propagation tool, consisting of words taken from “The Teaching of Buddha”

A Wise Teaching A Day

1. Always remember your original intention

2. Easier said than done

3. Things come and go as result of conditions

4. To be born is rare, cherish life

5. Realize the countless blessings

6. Anger can be brought out by one’s way of speaking

7. Keep away from extremes

8. To have faith is a true treasure

9. The cause of suffering is a self-centered mind

10. Analyze yourself

11. Make the Dharma your light, and rely upon it

12. To truly see requires your attention

13. The Buddha-Dharma is the natural law

14. Live with compassion

15. Nobody can accomplish anything significant alone, but someone has

   to start it

16. The Buddha-Dharma is most important, all else is secondary

17. Even if it is the same thing, one’s view point can make it different

18. Don’t desire too much

19. Like a painter, one’s mind colors the world

20. A fool who realizes one’s foolishness is wise

21. There are two kinds of teachers: the Dharma and people

22. To realize one’s shame is commendable

23. We are born alone and we die alone

24. The fire of desire burns oneself

25. Home is where you can be yourself

26. Others suffering is the same as my suffering

27. Do not regret the past

28. Don’t get angry at those who are angry

29.This life is Buddha’s life

30. Patience is the first step

31. Harmony is to be valued above everything else